How Often Should You Fully Detail Your Car?

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So, your car is looking pretty good, huh? Well, think again! It might be time to give your ride a proper detailing. You see, regular car washes just won't cut it when maintaining that showroom shine.

In this article, we'll cover these vital topics:

  • DIY Methods vs. Professional Car Detailing Services
  • Recommended Time Frames for Full Car Detailing
  • Benefits of Full Detailing For Your Car

Trust us, once you see the results, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Get ready to turn heads on the road!

DIY Methods vs. Professional Car Detailing Services

A professional complete car detailing service offers several benefits over DIY methods. Professionals have experience and knowledge in using the right products and techniques to clean and protect your car's interior surfaces effectively. 

They also have access to specialized tools and equipment to achieve better results. They can remove deep-seated dirt and stains, restore faded paint, and rejuvenate the interior.

Moreover, professional detailing services often include additional services such as leather conditioning, stain removal, and odor elimination, ensuring thorough cleaning of your car's interior.

However, if you prefer a DIY approach, there are tips and tricks you can follow. 

  1. Start by gathering the right supplies, such as microfiber towels, brushes, and high-quality cleaning products. 
  2. Take everything out before detailing.
  3. Take your time and work systematically, starting from the top of the vehicle and working your way down. 
  4. Pay attention to the details, like cleaning the nooks and crannies, and remember to protect and condition surfaces as needed. 

Regular professional or DIY car detailing ensures that your vehicle always looks its best and remains in top condition.

 Recommended Time Frames for Full Car Detailing

  • Seasonal Detailing: Many car owners detail their cars seasonally, typically four times a year. This schedule allows for cleaning and protection against changing weather conditions and environmental factors.
  • Twice a Year: If you're looking for a balance between regular maintenance and cost-effectiveness, consider detailing your car twice a year, ideally in the spring and fall. This approach helps address the effects of both winter and summer on your vehicle.
  • Quarterly Detailing: For those who want to consistently maintain their car's appearance, detailing your car every three months is a good option. This schedule can help prevent the buildup of contaminants and maintain a pristine finish year-round.
  • Monthly Maintenance: Enthusiasts or those frequently driving in challenging conditions may opt for monthly detailing. This frequent care ensures that your car looks its best and is well-protected.
  • As-Needed Detailing: Some car owners prefer to schedule detailing based on the specific condition of their vehicle. If your car is filthy, has stains, or requires particular attention, it's wise to detail it as needed.
  • Professional Advice: Consult a professional detailer who can assess your car's condition and recommend a suitable detailing schedule based on your driving habits, climate, and the specific care your vehicle requires.

Benefits of Full Detailing For Your Car

If your car's exterior is covered in dirt and grime, but the interior smells fresh and clean, then consider a complete detailing. The benefits of regular car detailing are numerous. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, but it also helps to protect the paint and prevent rust. 

Additionally, thorough detailing can remove stubborn stains, eliminate odors, and improve the overall value of your vehicle. 

So, don't overlook the importance of regular car detailing if you want your car to look and feel its best.


In conclusion, the frequency of full car detailing varies based on individual preferences and driving conditions. Striking a balance between maintaining your car's appearance and budget is crucial. 

Regular detailing, seasonal or quarterly, ensures your vehicle remains clean, protected, and looks its best. Discover the ultimate in auto detailing. Contact us at (612) 889-5604

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EXCELLENT SERVICE! Will at San Diego Select Detailing did a full service on my Chevy truck and everything came out awesome! Exterior, Wheels, Interior seat shampoo, dashboard, lights, etc! Amazing service and super cool guy! Would recommend his services to everyone!

Nick Powell

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These guys brought my Range Rover back to life.  Scratches i didnt think would come out.  Looks great.  Lots of people do 'mobile detailing' which is a glorified car wash.  These guys are on their game w paint correction and scratch removal which is what i needed.  Will definitely use them again.

vito arminio

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Wow, just wow! I brought my 2008 Ford Escape to Will for an auto detailing, cleaning and full exterior shine and wax and let me tell you my Ford needed some serious TLC. I left the Escape in Will hands and didn't really have any expectation on how well it was going to turn out. Much to my surprise my car looks better than ever! Actually it looks brand new. The interior is back to when I first bought it. It smells fresh and clean and the seats look like they were just taken from the factory. The seats no longer have blemishes or stains, all the dirt and grit is gone from all the nooks and crannies that have built up over time! The outside of the car shines bright! I can't thank Will enough for the tremendous job he did! My warhorse of a vehicle is ready for battle again! Thank you, Will. I'm thrilled about the job you did and would recommend your services to anyone looking to bring life back into their vehicle inside and out! Cheers, keep up the great work!

David Goshgarian

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Will did an amazing job detailing my car! He meticulously cleaned it inside and out and made it look brand new. He even went above and beyond with cleaning the interior and coating the exterior with a protective sealant. I appreciate him being flexible and professional. This is the best car detail company I’ve dealt with. I highly recommend them!

Phillip Walters

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I’ve used San Diego Select Car Detailing for the second time, and their service continues to amaze me. They are convenient and flexible in scheduling which I need. They have everything they need, making the process smooth and hassle-free. The work they do is exceptional; my car came out looking showroom-new. Their Full Detail service is a testament to their commitment to quality, with every inch of my car meticulously cleaned and polished.The team’s professionalism and attention to detail really stand out. They treat your car with great care, ensuring the best possible cleaning and protection. It’s clear they take pride in their work, which is reflected in the fantastic results. For anyone in San Diego looking for top-notch car detailing, San Diego Select Car Detailing is my go-to recommendation. The quality of their service has consistently left my car looking its best.

Jonathan Marden

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Great guys to work with. Got an interior detail and headlight restoration with them first. The results were phenomenal and there are now my go to people for detailing. Just recently got a paint correction due to discoloration on my hood and a fair amount of scratches. I was amazed with how glossy the paint looked. The discoloration is completely gone and the paint seems fully restored. Would recommend them to anyone.

Kobuk Van Houten

Link to Google Review ↗
So stoked to write this review for Will and San Diego Select Detailing! I originally inquired about their Paint Correction service through their website and received a text later the same day with their availability and pricing. Will answered all of my questions and was awesome when it came to coordinating a work space. Before getting started, Will and I walked around the car together and talked about my specific needs and wants. He clearly strives to provide a customized, ultra-professional experience for each of his customers and was great at setting expectations and explaining his process. My car looks incredible and I am so impressed with his artisan-like care and attention to detail. My wife and I couldn’t believe how great the paint looked after a Paint Correction service with Will. Will is very personable, extremely detail oriented and passionate about his work. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for a quality Paint Correction or auto detailing service!

Kevin Craig

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I’ve been using San Diego Select Detailing for a few years now simply because they are AMAZING! My truck looks good as new after every visit.I’m a professional dog trainer, so you can imagine how much dog hair gets accumulated after a while. And of course there will be the occasional potty accident.San Diego Select Detail will not only wash my seats, but they use a treatment to disinfect and get the smell out.There’s no other detail company I can trust to give me the exceptional service I get with San Diego Select.

Carolina Don

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Detail My Car?

Perfection & Protection.

Frustrated with everything that the car wash leaves behind?
Does your paint not shine like it used to?
In love with your car and want to preserve your investment for the long term?

That is why we are here. Not only do we leave you with flawless results, but we make sure that your paint, leather, and other materials are protected for years to come. We will treat your car (and you) like one of our own.

Do I need a "Shampoo Treatment"?

The shampoo and hot water extraction is the best possible care for your FABRIC seats.

We will bathe your seats in thick foam shampoo, agitate it with a fabric brush attachment on a drill, and then extract all the grime, dirt, stains and contaminant from the seats with hot water at 210ºF.If your seats need a refresh, this is as good as it gets. Because the service takes 45 minutes on average, and only a small percent of vehicles need it we charge extra for it. Don't worry - its only $50 extra. Totally worth it.

Will My Scratch "Buff Out"?

Do you have any little scrapes and scratches that bother you?

We can handle it.. to an extent. We are polishing experts - so if the scratch isn't too deep, we can get it out. Ever heard of "The Fingernail Test", this is a great way to know if your scratches are fixable. If you feel the scratch will your fingernail and you can feel a groove in the paint, it it probably a little bit too deep ~in the sections where the groove is~

What is a "Clay Bar"?

A clay bar is exactly what it sounds like, a little ball of malleable puddy.

This is used in the decontamination phase of the detail to prepare your paint for protection.

Every exterior detail has 3 phases: 1. Wash 2. Decontaminate 3. Protect.The decontamination stage is responsible for removing from the paint everything that doesn't come off from the wash.

Remember when you bought your car and the paint was smooth to the touch? That is the goal of this stage. Remove all the crusty junk that is stuck to you paint. This way, when we apply sealant (protection) to your paint it will adhere to the paint itself, rather than the junk sitting on the surface. This will give the sealant its longest possible useful life.

Why "Wax" My Car?

For the same reason that you get an oil change. Engines are expensive to replace (8-15K) so we take good care of them. So is your paint - the average paint job costing around $5,000. If you don't protect your paint with some type of ceramic, wax, or sealant, your paint WILL fail.

In San Diego, our biggest enemy is the sun, or the salt if you live near the beach. Next time you are in a big parking lot, look around at the hoods of the vehicles. You will notice around 1/6 vehicles have completely delaminated clear coat.

That means the paint looks like dead skin on the surface and you could peel it off with you fingers. Not pretty. There is a simple solution to ensure your vehicle never ends up like this. Exterior Detailing. Bonus points for a ceramic coating with is the best protection possible.

Difference Between "MINI DETAIL" and "FULL DETAIL"?

In all honesty, we don't love doing "Mini Details"... That's because they aren't perfect.

If you have the budget for a "Full Detail", we will always try and push you that way. The biggest difference is one thing - TIME.

Since we know full detailing service is a little too pricey for some customer, we have decided to offer a cheaper service - the downside is that we have to compromise on quality as a result. In our experience, it takes 3.5-4 hours per car to deliver flawless results to our customers.

Full Details are guaranteed satisfaction. If we miss anything, or you aren't satisfied with the results, we will be back for a free touch up ASAP. To compensate for the lower price, The "Mini Detail" compresses a 4 hour service into a 2 hour service. Yes, this means we have to cut some corner and cannot guarantee perfection the way we do with our "Full Detail" service.