Get to know the dedicated professionals who
bring unmatched quality to every detail.
Will Sweatt
Sales & Management

I started San Diego Select Detailing in October 2020. I handle all phone calls, texts, and emails. Give me a call today to get on the schedule, chat detailing, or anything else!

Isiah Jarode
Auto Detailer

Isiah has been on our team for over a year, and has over 6 years of detailing experience collectively. Isiah is a highly experienced ceramic coating installer and high end exotic detailer.

Elias Buckner
Auto Detailer

Elias was the first member of our team, and has been with us over a year. He is very passionate about auto detailing, and loves working with vintage and classic cars the most.

Adam Ashoor
Auto Detailer

Adam has over 10 years auto detailing experience, making him our most senior detailer. Adam is new to the team in 2024, and brings refined detailing skills and excellent customer service ability.

Devin Buckhout
Auto Detailer

Devin has been with us over year and is a detailing machine! He has excellent customer service abilities, and delivers an exceptional detailing product for all car types. We are lucky to have him!