Full Detailing Services
Full Detail - Sedan ($250), SUV ($300), Oversized ($350)
Full Detail - Sedan ($250), SUV ($300), Oversized ($350)

$250-400 & 4-7 Hour Duration

These are standard estimates. Please call or text for more accurate pricing

  • Hand wash, clay bar decontamination, and cream wax coating (4 months protection)
  • Complete interior cleaning, disinfection, and UV protective coating
  • Professional vacuum cleaning and blow out
  • Wheel cleaning and tire dressing
  • Hand cleaning and conditioning of leather seats and trim
  • Floor mat cleaning 
  • Wipe down of painted door panels
  • Cleaning of windows, front and rear windshield
  • Seat and or carpet shampoo & extraction can be performed for additional cost (Typically +$50)

*Please Clear Cars Out of All Personal Items Before Appointment

*Floor mat cleaning is limited to one set per vehicle. Additional cost may be incurred for excess: pet hair, sand, human or animal waste, mold, smoke, etc. Additional costs may be incurred for all vehicles with a third row. SUVs with a third row will be considered "oversized"

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